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Home Owners Warranty Defect Claim

Having gone through the turbulence of a developer and builder both in liquidation upon completion of the development, the new owners corporation sought guidance from Strata Republic to investigate options available to them to rectify the post-completion building defects.

Strata Republic arranged a team of consultants to provide thorough and comprehensive reporting on all aspects of the building, from BCA compliance to engineering assessments, and engaged a suitably qualified consultant to pursue a claim through the Home Owners Warranty insurer.  The end result was a significant claim against the insurer who funded the rectification works.

Strata Republic administered all aspects of this project on behalf of the Owners Corporation and many owners have enjoyed pleasing sale results following rectification and improvement of the building.

The Strata Committee is further committed to increasing the profile of the building with a suitably integrated and staged strata management maintenance plan.