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Industry Update: Strata Hub – What You Need to Know

The Strata Hub is an initiative of the NSW Government to provide better transparency, accountability, better regulation and more engagement for owners and residents of strata schemes in NSW.

          – SCA NSW


Under the Strata Schemes Management Amendment (Information) Regulation 2021 (Information Regulation), strata schemes are required to report information each year via the Strata Hub platform. You can access the regulation here.

The Information Regulation requires each Owners Corporation to provide specific details about the scheme to NSW Fair Trading through the NSW Government’s Strata Hub each year, and update the information on an annual basis going forward. The Strata Hub is a platform for this information, accessible by Government authorities, emergency services, Strata Managing Agents, lot owners, residents, and members of the public.

The intention of the Strata Hub is to provide a centralised point for key information relating to a strata scheme, making it easier for buyers and owners in a residential strata building to obtain the information they need. In addition to this, it will allow NSW Fair Trading to better monitor the ongoing maintenance and defect management of strata buildings to confirm that the Owners Corporation is upholding its duties around repair and maintenance to the common property, and ensure that the safety and amenity of the building is preserved.

In this document we cover off what we know at this time and answer the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). If you have any additional questions in relation to the Strata Hub you will find additional resources on the back page, or feel free to contact our office, we would be happy to assist.

General Information

The scheme commences from the 30th of June 2022, with the initial report required within three (3) months of this date. For each subsequent calendar year, the information must be updated within three (3) months of the AGM.

Fair Trading NSW will charge an administrative fee of $3 per lot per annum, including utility lots.

Penalties apply to schemes that fail to update their information and keep it up to date, with an initial penalty of $220 and further penalties of up to $2,200 for failure to comply.

Strata Republic will undertake the necessary requirements for all schemes under our management.

Required Information for the Portal

NSW Fair Trading requires key information for each building to be uploaded to the Strata Hub, detailed in the table below as provided by SCA NSW. In this table you can also see who has access to the different information under four separate tiers.

It is important to note that the contact details for the Chairperson and Secretary are required to be uploaded to the Strata Hub, as well as an Emergency Services Contact.

Office bearers’ details are required so they can be a point of contact for residents in the building and for emergency services such as Fire and Rescue NSW in some circumstances. People can choose to give personal or professional contact details, such as an email associated with the committee member’s role in the scheme.

Penalties will apply to Owners Corporations who do not permit their information to be uploaded onto the Strata Hub. Unfortunately, the Strata Manager’s details cannot be used in lieu of Committee details.

It will be beneficial if the Emergency Services Contact lives onsite so that they are able to assist if emergency access is ever required. If you have a Building Manager, you may consider putting them forward as the Emergency Services Contact.

Information Matrix 

(Image courtesy: SCA NSW)

Security & Privacy

We are advised that information related to strata schemes held on the Strata Hub will be protected by several security measures in place, including user verification and completion of a privacy declaration.

Tenants will have access to the Strata Hub if all their details have been provided to the Owners Corporation and they are listed on the Strata Roll.

Here it is important to note that private information WILL NOT be publicly available and only used by the regulators where necessary. Please see the table below as provided by SCA NSW for an outline of who has access to different types of information.

Visibility Overview

(Image courtesy: SCA NSW)

Further Information

Further information on the Strata Hub can be found through the following links:

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or visit and search ‘strata’