Community & BMC Management

Our team have extensive experience in the management of Building Management Committees (BMCs) and appreciate the complexities of this titling structure.  We understand the importance of recognising the requirements of a Strata/Building Management Statement as well as effectively and accurately accounting for the shared facilities in these developments.

We actively educate and upskill our team on the requirements of Community Title Management, including the specific rules and regulations that may apply to the Community Association (CA) under the Architectural and Landscaping Standards, thereby ensuring that the community is best maintained and harmonious.

Case studies

St Johns Church, Paddington

The former St Johns Presbyterian Church building was designed by Henry Robertson in the Victorian Picturesque Gothic architectural style and was completed in 1857.  The

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The Gantry, Camperdown

Designed by Bates Smart and constructed by Parkview, The Gantry is an award-winning complex featuring landscaped courtyard gardens and a resort-style swimming pool.

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  • Establish and maintain the trust account.
  • Manage the Administrative Fund and the Capital Works Fund.
  • Act as Treasurer under delegated authority.
  • Prepare a recommended budget for the Administrative Fund and Capital Works Fund budget at the close of the CAs or BMCs Financial Year.
  • Issue levy notices on a quarterly basis.
  • Receive, acknowledge, bank and account for money paid to the CA or BMC.
  • Pay and record invoices to all creditors of the CA or BMC.
  • Provide quarterly statutory reconciled accounts, including balance sheet, statement of income and expenditure, and levy status report.
  • Provide a monthly payments summary and bank reconciliation report to the Treasurer.
  • Prepare and lodge quarterly BAS activity statements through our in-house registered BAS Accountant (no need for an external accountant).
  • Assist auditor by providing accounts and records.
  • Manage investment accounts on instructions from the CA or BMC.


  • Liaise with the appointed insurance broker to obtain quotes for insurance renewals from APRA approved insurers.
  • Renew and amend insurance policies in accordance with the instruction of the CA or BMC.
  • Arrange an insurance valuation as required.
  • Claims administration and other activities involved in minimisation of loss, liaison with loss adjustors and other related activities.

Record Keeping & Communication

  • Maintain the books and records of the CA or BMC in electronic format for the statutory 7-year period.
  • Maintain the strata roll.
  • Act as Secretary under delegated authority.
  • Maintain a common seal and affix as required following a resolution of the CA.
  • Maintain an online web portal for members of the CA or BMC.
  • Attend to routine written and oral communication and provide guidance to the Committee on strata legislative and compliance requirements and the management statement.
  • Prepare and distribute the agenda and minutes of meetings as required by the CA or BMC.
  • Act as Chairperson at meetings if required.

Management & Compliance

  • Ensure the CA or BMC are advised on compliance requirements in accordance with the relevant legislation, management statement and local Council.
  • Arrange for the certification of fire safety standards and lodgement of the AFSS if required.
  • Arrange reviews and certification of other essential services as required, including lifts, anchor points, building cladding etc.
  • Manage contractors such as the Building/Facilities Manager and Cleaners.
  • Arrange tenders for services as required.
  • Maintain the key register and common property keys and access devices.

By-law Management & Dispute Resolution

  • Advise on the management statement and provide guidance to the Committee as required.
  • Issue management statement breach notices on instruction of the Committee.
  • Arrange drafting of amendments to the management statement.
  • Facilitate a dispute resolution process as required.
  • Prepare and lodge applications for mediation, adjudication and tribunal orders, brief lawyers and attend mediation and tribunal hearings as required and instructed.

Repairs and Maintenance

  • Arrange maintenance and repairs as required and instructed.
  • Obtain quotes for services and works to the common property.
  • Advise the Committee on any budgetary considerations.
  • Organise and coordinate works to the common property.
  • Ensure tradespeople have appropriate insurances and are licensed.
  • Arrange building inspections and reports as required.
  • Obtain a 10-year Capital Works Fund plan as required.
  • Advise on building condition surveys and scheduled maintenance programs.